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I BLOG ABOUT BIG BANG. BUT this is mainly a GTOP blog XD

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As we know, BIGBANG members have been saying that, in BIGBANG, GD has a “Father” role & TOP has a “Baby” role :D And more…

Top’s interview 1 (*Original Article Link*)
「Seunghyun says, “I was so pleased that GD said he enjoyed the movie very much.”」

Top’s interview 2 (*Original Article Link*)
「Q: Did BB members see your movie?」
「A: Only GD. He loved it. He said “You looked like you were drunk at some scenes.”(smile)」

*original picture file link(English ver.)*
*original picture file link(Korean ver.)*


Yas! Finally a GDTOPYBDS selca after a million years

if they both had instagram tbh…

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Jiyong after getting emotional at winning…

The only one who could comfort him was hyung…

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Jiyong, you are the atmosphere ruiner.

He’s just warning him to keep his hands off his property 😌 a jealous ji is a cute ji XD

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CL + her dressing room ( a.k.a my dream house)

I could live in there *o*

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not much has changed

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