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I BLOG ABOUT BIG BANG. BUT this is mainly a GTOP blog XD

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not much has changed

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BigBang cosplaying for Tower Of Saviors

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The story behind Jiyong’s recent ig posts:

1. Jiyong was sad and wanted attention.
2. So Pikachu came to the rescue.
3. And Jiyong is now in bed; all smiles and happy again.

The question: Who is Pikachu?

Yup, you got that right.

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VIP’s asking the important question.

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I’m still waiting for a dating scandal from a YG artist to break out…


But all dispatch could dig when they were following TOP in busan: in a cafe, talking on the phone (most probably w/ Soohyuk coz he met up with him later on)


Oh well.

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